Has a dog Buddha-nature or not?Essays and Commentary

  • Hogen Points to the Blinds

    Can we look at our biases and find a proclivity to declare something better than another thing, even when there is no difference? Why do we constantly look for differences to compare? (22 Mar 2022)

  • Taking Refuge is Surrendering

    The longer our views remain at odds with reality, the longer we refuse to accept reality as it is, more the conflict we feel. We fall ever deeper into dukkha, suffering. (07 Oct 2021)

  • Loss and the Study of the Self

    Once our attention is no longer kept by the distractions that used to interest us, we are a blank slate (19 Sep 2020)

  • What is the Buddhist concept of good and evil?

    The author of the Zen Buddhist Texts site strongly opposes the aggressive and violent action against Iraq by armed forces of the United States and Great Britain. (18 Sep 2020)

  • Not the Wind; Not the Flag

    Arguments. We like to win them. There is no end of sides to take. So much of our time and attention is taken up with conflict. We are bombarded with things seeking our attention and pushing us to take a side, the subject framed according to conflicting and irreconcilable views. (05 Jul 2020)